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Uluslararası Karadeniz Madencilik ve Tünelcilik Sempozyumu

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09:00 - 16:30
08:30 - 22:00
09:00 - 16:20
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On behalf of Karadeniz Technical University Mining Engineering Department, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Uluslararası Karadeniz Madencilik ve Tünelcilik Sempozyumu (International Black Sea Mining and Tunneling Symposium) (IBSMTS 2016) to be held in Trabzon, TURKEY, 2-4 November 2016. The mission of IBSMTS 2016 is to facilitate a rich attendee experience by providing a forum for presenting technical papers on state-of-the-art mining, ore processing and tunneling related topics, exhibiting the latest areas of research, future perspectives and exchange of knowledge and networking with peers and experts.

The symposium is mainly focused on four themes. These are the stability in underground mines and tunnels, mine/industrial waste management, tunneling philosophy and the extraction of complex metallic ores. Mechanical excavation, CO2 sequestration, slope stability, blast induced instability topics are, also, of interest. Associated with the comfort expectations of people, evolution of living conditions, environmental concerns and the need to use underground space for non-mining purposes force mining philosophy to migrate for trying to solve new type of problems, or redefine the existing problem domains and/or methodology. Our principal perspective with IBSMTS 2016 is to contribute to open new windows for the mining engineering in the future.

Symposium language will be in English and Turkish. In addition to the symposium, a series of short courses will be given by the distinguished researchers and pioneering companies in related society. A whole day tunneling short course which will be given by Dr. Nick BARTON, Prof. Dr. Turgay ONARGAN and Prof. Dr. C. Okay AKSOY on 2nd of November. Simultaneous to the tunneling short course, “Comminution & Control & Modelling in Mineral Processing” course which will be given in three main parts will be presented by experts from Metso, MPES, and DAMA Engineering companies.

We are very honored welcoming the distinguished lecturers of the short-courses in Trabzon and hosting for the events by which theoretical knowledge and valuable experiences are to be shared. Trabzon has a special place in Eastern Black Sea Region with its deep-rooted history, excellent nature and the active mining and tunneling projects. Sumela Monastery, Hagia Sophia Museum, Karaca Cave (Gümüshane) and Uzungöl are a couple of the examples spectacular places around the city. Additionally, during your visit, you can not only spectate but also find yourself immersed in the warm, lively and tasty life in Trabzon. As the IBSMTS 2016 organizing committee we are looking forward to see you in Trabzon and extend a warm welcome.